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Enchanted Cosmos Unicorn Framed Vertical Poster-Purple

Enchanted Cosmos Unicorn Framed Vertical Poster-Purple

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Add a touch of the ethereal to your space with Station7's "Enchanted Cosmos Unicorn" Framed Poster. This exquisite piece of art features the silhouette of a noble unicorn in the midst of a powerful rear, framed by an enigmatic night sky. Set against a mesmerizing purple background, the monochromatic unicorn and the mystic mushrooms at its feet stand out in stark, beautiful contrast to the celestial bodies shimmering above. Every detail of this framed poster, from the unicorn's flowing mane to the intricate patterns adorning its body, has been crafted with care, creating a story within a story—a tale of magic, mystery, and the untamed wild. The moon casts a soft glow over the scene, with stars dotting the expansive cosmos. This poster is enclosed in a high-quality frame that complements its majestic theme, ready to enchant any room it graces. It's not just a wall hanging; it's an invitation to let your imagination soar to the farthest reaches of the enchanted cosmos. Perfect for unicorn enthusiasts, dreamers, and anyone who finds beauty in the night sky, this "Enchanted Cosmos Unicorn" Framed Poster with a purple background is sure to be a favorite of your little ones art collection or your own!
Securely framed in one of three colors (black, white, or walnut), these premium posters exhibit their varied contents through archive-worthy photo paper and ink. For easy hanging, there’s a backing hardware piece. The framing is made of MDF. Further ensuring durability, the bordering is low maintenance and resistant to swelling and warping.

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.: LexJet Premium 200 gsm paper
.: Protective acrylic cover
.: Frames available in black, walnut and white finishes
.: Hanging kit already fixed
.: Matte paper finish

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